Quality cannabis is more than just potency. At Canna West Seattle, quality cannabis is “clean cannabis”. That means the products we source for our customers are Pesticide Free, Clean Green Certified, DEM Pure Certified, Tested with Confidence, General Use Certified, High CBD Compliant or have been naturally cultivated using biopesticides.

We believe in a clean cannabis lifestyle. Cannabis is more than just a flower that can get you high. Cannabis is a powerful plant that can be used as medicine or utilized to enhance a healthy and active lifestyle. We strive to carry a large inventory of clean cannabis products.

We source the highest quality products on the market to provide our customers clean cannabis at an affordable price. We want our customers to always feel safe with the products they purchase at our store.

What are the Clean Cannabis Certifications?

Dragonfly Earth Medicine (DEM) Pure Certification raises the bar higher than the National Organic Standards (NOP) or the USDA. Farmers must commit to sustainability and use all natural eco friendly regenerative practices, creating a biodiverse and healthy landscape. The program is community driven, supported and monitored. Members fully encompasses nature, education and mindfulness.

Tested with Confidence is a certification program created by Confidence Analytics, a third party Certified Cannabis Testing Laboratory. They ensure the product is free of excessive pesticide residues.

General Use Compliant certification is a program created by Washington State Department of Health that requires third-party lab testing to ensure the cannabis product is safe for medical use.

High CBD Compliant products are any marijuana product allowed by the WSLCB, including edibles that meet higher CBD percentages to THC, so the product can qualify for medical use. This excludes marijuana intended for smoking.

Clean Green Certified is the number one certifier nationwide for cannabis cultivated using sustainable, natural and organically based practices.


The EPA defines biopesticides as “certain types of pesticides derived from such natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals.”¬† There are three classes of biopesticides: Biochemical, Microbial and Plant-Incorporated-Protectants (PIPs).