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Edibles and Golf: The Whys and The Why Knots

The experiments with golf and cannabis began in earnest in 2018. These were not called experiments at the time, though we were experimenting on multiple levels, but rather they were labeled research that could be used later for a true […]

Memorial Day Weekend Sales May 25-29

This week at Canna West and the Culture Shop we have some excellent sales to take your holiday adventures to the next level! Our Memorial Day Weekend Sales includes the Alki Sunset by Sky High Gardens which is only available […]

The Alki Sunset by Sky High Gardens

Alki Sunset! The hybrid that tastes and feels like summer! Citrus sweet and earthy, it the newest strain by Sky High Gardens! In partnership with Canna West, this hybrid is a thoughtfully curated blend of Sky High’s flagship strain Pineapple […]

Cannabis and Dating. Is it a Deal Breaker?

If you were to ask me whether or not cannabis is a deal breaker when it comes to dating, I would answer both yes, and no. Yes, if both people enjoy a cannabis lifestyle and no if one of the […]

Budtender Stories: Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Seattle is a very pet friendly city! We really love our 4-legged friends here. In fact, Seattle is so pet friendly that many businesses even allow dogs inside their premises as long as they’re on a leash. So pet owners want […]

Top 5 Best Spots to Dine in West Seattle

The sunshine is out! Summer has come early and the social buzz is in the air. Here in West Seattle, we’ve got a wonderful community of small businesses and top notch restaurants. The outdoor patios are in full swing and […]

Budtender Stories: The Lookah Seahorse Pro

I’ve always been into concentrates, going way back to when there were really only 2 kinds. One was of course, your classic (usually imported) HASH, and the other “Pot Butter” which was made by many adventurous stoners back in the […]

Mason Heckett Featured at West Seattle Art Walk

This month for the West Seattle Art Walk we celebrate the work of local artist Mason Heckett. Committed to eco-friendly practices, his work is sought after by a wide variety of art enthusiasts and collectors, including Tobey Maguire and Sean […]

Does Cannabis Actually Help with Nausea?

My father passed away three years ago after a battle with cancer of the bladder and kidneys. We were on a family trip to the Oregon Coast the summer before he passed and he asked me to drive him to […]

Budtender Stories: CBD for Chronic Knee Pain

Hello Canna peeps! I’m Canna Guy and I have been using cannabis for its general health benefits since I was a very young man. Today, I would like to share my experience using CBD for chronic knee pain and offer […]

420 Has Arrived!

420 has arrived and we’ve got sales all day! We are hosting a PARTY at The Culture Shop from 3-6pm. Live music, tarot readings by Tess Wildflower and FREE amazing Italian sandwiches from Lucky Luciano’s food truck! VIEW LUCKY LUCIANO’S […]

Celebrating 420 All Week Long! 

The team at Canna West is celebrating 420 all week long! We’ve got awesome deals happening right now and even more inflation busters going live on Thursday, April 20!  In addition to huge sales at both stores, we are excited […]

WS Art Walk, Muse Fest and Brandi Quinn!

A full night of art, music and good food is happening in West Seattle on Thursday, April 13th!! This is a night you don’t want to miss! We have the West Seattle Art Walk, Muse Fest and featured artist Brandi Quinn […]

Can Cannabinoids Fight Fungus?

Did you know that a drug-resistant and potentially deadly fungus has been spreading rapidly through U.S. health care facilities for the past few years? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the fungus is known by the name […]

How Cannabis Can Be Incorporated Into A Healthy Lifestyle

We’ve made it through the first two weeks of spring and already you can feel summer is just ahead. The warm sun is inspiring outdoor adventures and future beach naps. The flowers are promising a great harvest of fruit this […]

CBD for Pets

Spring is here and taking your dog outside to explore the trails and smell the flowers is essential! However, for senior pets, long walks can be difficult with hip and joint pain, or for even those pets that experience anxiety […]

Capsules in Comparison

I do love to enjoy cannabis for the purpose of just having a good time, but the truth is I rarely use it recreationally. I mean, when the mood strikes right I’m definitely game! But for me, cannabis is a […]

Canna Collect Community Clean Up

We’ve recently announced that our Canna Collect Recycling Program is back up and running. We’re so excited to focus again on creating industry change by doing our part to minimize waste, partner with small businesses to upcycle glass jars into […]

Celebrating Women Owned Brands

At Canna West, we love supporting women owned businesses! These women are leaders in the cannabis industry, producing top shelf premium products and finding ways to support their communities. Here are the women owned brands you can support at Canna […]

The Canna Collect Recycling Program is Back!

We are so excited to say that our recycling program is back in action! As of March 1, 2023 you can bring your used cannabis packaging to the Culture Shop and get loyalty points in return! Here are the details. […]

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