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When You Recycle Your Cannabis Packaging, Where Does it Go?

Did you know that in 2018 the cannabis industry was selling over one billion units of plastic per year? Here we are four years and a pandemic that saw the sales of weed skyrocket later, and you can only imagine […]

Is Customer Choice Disappearing in the Seattle Cannabis Market?

A View on the Seattle Cannabis Market As a 40-something year old pothead I prefer to center my use of the plant around outdoor activities. I like skiing and hiking, rather than something cerebral like watching movies or playing video […]

CBG Flower Review: Falcanna’s Pacific Sunshine

Recently I was challenged by a friend to try CBG flower. She showed me her favorite CBG strain, Falcanna’s Pacific Sunshine and upon first inspection of the buds in the bag I would have never guessed that it wasn’t your […]

Can Big Pot Co’s Realistically Achieve Sustainability?

Canna West Seattle owner tackles tough topic in latest Entrepreneur article Canna West Seattle founder and CEO Maryam Mirnateghi, has been a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine’s ‘Green’ section for four years now and has covered myriad topics related to the […]

Oregon State U Study Suggests Cannabis Compounds Can Block Covid Proteins

According to a study released by researchers at Oregon State University, hemp compounds, most notably CBDA and CBGA, have the ability to block the virus that causes COVID-19 from infecting human cells. What does that mean for you and I? […]

Thank you West Seattle for your Camp 2nd Chance Donations!

Canna West Seattle and its sister store, The Culture Shop, started accepting donations for Camp 2nd Chance (C2C) two weeks ago and so far the community response has been amazing! Our hearts (and our donation bins and our cars) are […]

Your Brand Doesn’t Have a Corporate Responsibility Program? That’s Sus’!

Founder/CEO Maryam Mirnateghi shares with Entrepreneur Magazine the importance of sustainability as a corporate responsibility. “For today’s millennial and Gen Y consumers, corporate sustainability is no longer a bar-setter in terms of business strategies—it’s expected. Past eco-trend setters, like Patagonia, […]

A Poem About Fall by Herb Green

The rain is finally falling Not misting or drizzling The rain is finally falling Not misting or drizzling The ground is listening The ground is talking I can hear what it says The farmers are listening too He or she […]

How is Medically Compliant Weed Different?

Image Credit: Thomas Elliot The reason Canna West Seattle is in the cannabis business is because of medical marijuana. Its owner has deep roots in the medical pot scene. In fact, Canna West is currently one of the few ‘medically […]

Clean Green Stress Relief

Our lives were full of anxiety and stress without the added layer of a pandemic. After spending a year in a vigilant COVID lockdown and then experiencing the excitement of things opening up this summer, only to be met by […]

What You Should Know About Delta-8

Image Source: Last week the Bellevue Reporter, the newspaper of record for the city of Bellevue, did the unthinkable by publishing a sponsored article entitled, Best Delta-8 Gummies: Top Weed Edibles Review (2021). This article is probably familiar to […]

Canna West Seattle’s 2021 Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

Last Father’s Day you gave your dad (or husband, in private) a nice bottle of Scotch. Why not treat him to a cornucopia of clean cannabis products this year? The list of potential gifts is huge and so we have […]

Talk of THC Caps Raises Alarm

What West Seattle’s Medical Marijuana Users Need to Know If you read the cannabis press or subscribe to a cannabis industry newsletter like Ganjapreneur, surely you have seen the headlines of late warning about caps on THC percentages now being […]

Cannabis-Based Antibiotics are Coming to Destroy Superbugs!

Image Credit: David Amián Valle Superbugs. This is not a word anyone wants to acknowledge right now, but we are forced to each time we get an infection. How bad is the antibiotic-resistant infection problem? According to the CDC, each […]

Vendor Spotlight: Cannabis for Community

Cannabis for Community! Canna West Seattle works with some pretty amazing cannabis companies that do more than just create a great product! Let us take you behind the scenes to see the contributions your favorite brands are doing to support […]

Top 5 Cannabis Strains for a Good Night Sleep

Do you find yourself struggling to fall asleep at night when your head hits the pillow? Many people do. The last few years I found that even after waking up early and having a full day, complete with exercise, I […]

Get High Tonight and Netflix, Kiss the Ground

Last week Elon Musk announced that he would give $100 million to the innovator of a technology that could capture the most carbon. I could save Elon a lot of money! All he has to do is smoke a joint […]

Rosin is Trending! This is Why!

Rosin. A Primer to the Most Trendy of Weed Extracts. Shop talk with Canna West Seattle’s vendors and partners is heavily focused on Rosin right now. It’s hot. Why? It all depends on your mojo of course, and those friends […]

The Cannabis Industry Could Save The Economy

As an essential business, the cannabis industry can help rebuild America’s economy, improving the countries overall financial health and creating new jobs. Maryam Mirnateghi, CEO and Founder of Canna West Seattle, shares with Green Entrepreneur how the cannabis industry can […]

My Top 5 Products That Helped Me Through 2020

Guest Writer: Ash Ketcher Seasons Greetings! I hope everyone is having a cozy and safe holiday season. Like many of you, I am in awe that it is December. This entire year has been nothing short of insane. Never in […]

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